July 9th, 2019

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Зацените перевод, чё.

Red-Nick-Wholesale-Eat knew not the ways of the innocent.
Red-Nick-Wholesale-Eat was in hiding after criminal incident.
But he shaved himself with the elevator,
Into January he wandered,
He sucked into the torquoise and the pieces of amber,
When the ocean sang like a gift horse, looking into a mouth of a steed.
He burnt down the Lukoil office, gas station included,
For no apparent reason,
Out of his fire-respect creed.
Catherine-the-Sands-Dweller was our Homecoming Queen,
Until her cables were ripped off by an outlander-mordvin.
She was even amused that he wasn't in love,
Cause she wasn't acustomed to the lack thereof,
A cry baby doesn't know sometimes that a no means actually no...
As for the rest of us, she used to say,
With a friends like these, one doesn't really need a foe.
Acid jazz is a fest, and rock-n-roll is extinct.
Mr DJ put the record off and unplug master sync.
All the waiters fell down, yelling 'banzai',
As she whispered "my dear","crawl away now", he sighed
It was clear that they wouldn't make it much further through fire...
Took them eight days by tracktor in the snowy plains,
Cause a true beauty is never an easy thing to aquire.
There's a stream pool near Tobolsk where you catch pollocks at dawn
Hunting trails around there will take you to China and Ceylon
Flying fish is jumping around - in other words, it's all right
by the Feng shui, but maybe not quite
She is running a feminine business
He is dancing, picking up mushrooms and smoking them raw
Old men are saying this about them -
"Om mani padme hum"
Which in translation usually means "A Fate's Paw"