August 14th, 2005

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So, Ladies and Gentlemen, following the encouraging response of our Lady of Perpetual Responsibility (aka Creme_Caramel), which you may have had the misfortune to miss being caught up in the hurricanes of your daily lives, we are now afforded a unique opportunity, through the latest endeavours of our Lord, to honour the age-old Russian tradition of song-betting...absolutely free!!! terms and conditions apply...It will only take a minute (all our estimates are based on high-speed internet connection) - just think of a song that our Lord, in the quiet words of the Most Reverend Eric Clapton, is gonna "spoil" next! (in case anyone is unfamiliar with the quiet words of Most Reverend Eric, widely-renowned for his gift of illuminating self-irony, the word "spoil", applied here to the delicate art of unexpectedly covering an old song, actually means "improve"). Don't miss your chance!
In the words of the Holy Eminem, "appatoonity comes once in a lifetime, don't blow it!"
And in the quiet words of Virgin Mary, "Come Again"!!!