April 4th, 2003



Я думаю, многим будет интересно прочитать англоязычную рецензию на "Пятиугольный грех" :) Взято с allmusic.com.

Artist: Boris Grebenshikov
Album Title: Terrarium
Date of Release: Jul 9, 2002

</a>Although it has been imported into the west under the name Terrarium, with Boris Grebenshikov listed as the recording artist, in Russia this album is actually titled Pentagonal Sin and Terrarium is the name of the recording artist. Terrarium is, of course, a play on Aquarium, the group Grebenshikov founded, and he continued to use the name even after the original unit disbanded. He also makes side projects under his own name. But Pentagonal Sin is classified in the discography on the Aquarium website as an "incognito" album, and that may be because of its whimsy and eclecticism. Grebenshikov has reunited with old partner Anatoli Gunitskii, among others, for a busman's holiday that sounds like something they put together after listening long and hard to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and other early progressive rock albums. "January Romance," which kicks things off, sounds like a children's song, with its playful vocals and light pop sound, while "Out of Synch" could have come off The Beatles' The Beatles [White Album] and "Molloy Arrived," with its twangy guitar, has the feel of the old west. "Zoya and Sonya" has a traditional folk-rock sound, and "The Chinese Don't Want" mixes a tango rhythm with a mariachi trumpet. This everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach works, as it does in the best progressive rock, because it stays light and keeps moving from one thing to another. Terrarium, or Pentagonal Sin, or whatever you want to call it, sounds like it was a lot of fun to make in a sort of "hey, let's try this" manner, and that fun communicates itself to the listener, whether that listener speaks Russian or not. — William Ruhlmann

1. January Romance (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 3:00
2. Out of Synch (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 4:16
3. Molloy Arrived (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 2:46
4. Carrying from the Garden-Plot (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 4:13
5. Zoya and Sonya (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 3:52
6. Pentagonal Sin (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 0:28
7. Electric Bird (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 3:31
8. Geography (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 2:14
9. Gibraltar/Labrador (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 4:08
10. Creole (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 3:43
11. The Chinese Don't Want (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 4:30
12. At Least (Butsov/Grebenshikov/Leonidov/Vasil'ev) - 3:26