mytza (mytza) wrote in ru_aquarium,

La multi ani, Boris Borisovici!

S dnyom rozhdeniya iz Rumynii!
Vasha muzyka - luchshiy sposob uznat o Rossii. I dlya menya - zamechatelnyi i strannyi sposob uznavat bolshe obo mne neposredstvenno. Spasibo - Multumesc!

Kak podarok... koe-chto kak eto:

"Beard comb, Solokha Kurgan, steppe of the Dnieper region, Ukraine, Scythian, fifth to fourth century BC; gold, height: 4 13/16 in., width: 4 in.
Hermitage, Saint Petersburg.
This comb demonstrates how an everyday object can become a piece of jewelry. The goldsmith has imaginatively used the long upper edge to depict a dramatic battle scene over a frieze of lions. Animals were popular motifs in Scythian jewelry, while human figures were rarer."

S lyubovyu,
Gordyi akvaryumist,
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