Imajin (imajin) wrote in ru_aquarium,

Наш поезд в огне

Взято отсюда из комментариев, :

Colonel Vasin returned to the front
With his young wife by his side
Colonel Vasin sat his regiment down
And told them, "Let"s go home now, guys
We"re leading war now for seventy years
«Life"s a combat», the teachers would tell
But from our spies" reports it appears
We were combating against ourselves

I"ve seen some generals
Food on their tables grow as we die
And their children are delirious
Since they have nothing more to desire
While the Earth lies in rustiness
Ashes from churches burned down
If we ever want to have a place to return to
Time to return home is now

This train"s flaming away
No more levers left to pull down
This train"s flaming away
And we have nowhere else to run
This land was ours before
By the struggle we were overcome
As no one"s land she can"t live anymore
Time for us to take this land back has come"
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